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 Made to be Me

Personality and Home Education Coach & Expert

At Made to be Me, we help you and your child unlock your full potential and understand your true self.

Our expertise includes Myers Briggs practitioners, parenting coaches, and experienced home-educating advisors. 

We believe that understanding yourself and your child is the key to a fulfilling and happy life. 

Are you keen to understand more about your child through personality type?

Does your child have difficulty grasping learning concepts and get frustrated?

Children can feel the weight of school pressure, or peer pressure and lose confidence in their own abilities and choices. 

We believe every child is more than capable, and are full of wonder to discover. We help them feel powerful in their own skin and reignite their confidence in all they were made to be! 

We work with adults, parents and children, and embrace everyone individually to help them understand themselves better and live more confidently and contently, just as they are. 

Image by Brett Jordan
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