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Quick Points

  • Based on Jungian theory of personality type

  • This is a quiz for parents to take about their child, not for children to complete

  • There is no right or wrong animal, we need all types in our world

  • Select the answer that comes to mind the quickest, the least overthinking the better

  • The quiz is a tool to strengthen understanding of your child and develop connection and communication

What is this quiz all about?

There are many different personality type quizzes and assessments that can be taken. Few are focused on children, and a lot of this is because children are still developing so much.
This quiz is based on theories by a Swiss Psychologist and Psychoanalyst called Carl Jung, and his theories on personality type.
It is centered around the innate cognitive preferences we have. We use these preferences to navigate our decisions in life and response to the world around us. We always have a natural go to preference, and a less preferred preference. We are capable of both, but instinctively choose one first. This quiz aims to reveal your child's individual preferences. Are they more typically extroverted, or introverted for example?
What is most important (and most favoured) in Jung's theory, is there is no right or wrong. No better or worse.
It also does not suggest our personality type is fixed. We can, with a little more energy, approach life with our less preferred preference, and flex to utilise both.
This does not ‘box’ children. It just helps us (parents, teachers, loved ones) to understand them more, and help them to understand themselves.

What is the quiz not?

As we said above, categorically, this is not a quiz to ‘box’ children, or to assign them a particular type and assume this reflects them in every situation.
It is a guideline of your child's natural preferences based on answers you provide.
They are unique little humans, with their own characters. The quiz will not determine their personality, it will just highlight their preferred ways of responding to different decisions and situations.

What is the age range for this quiz?

We suggest 5 is the youngest age. You can choose to take the quiz for a younger child, but some of the questions may be harder to answer based on their age, and the conclusion less accurate vs an older child. Children are still developing so much during this time. Some children show very clear preferences from a young age, but others develop much later. Generally this quiz is most suitable for children aged 5-11.

Are there better or worse types?

Absolutely not! Each type comes with their own challenges and gifts.
Each type is more than capable of flexing their style to respond as another type would.
The beauty of this quiz is understanding these gifts and struggles and how to manage them effectively.

How accurate is this quiz?

This is a quiz that has been developed based on some well known theories and research. Many that take the quiz are impressed with the accuracy and likeness to their child, and are grateful for the tools and guidance we offer.
It is not a certified assessment and should be viewed as a fun exercise.

Multiple children / quiz submissions

Currently our system requires a unique email address for each child in order to process and separate their quiz results. If you only have access to one email address there is a potential workaround if you use Gmail or Outlook:


If you use the "+" sign with your existing email it will be treated as unique but still deliver to your inbox. e.g use or, where "myaddress" is your usual email, with your choice of word after the plus sign.

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